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This is not about logos on cars or simple golf badging exercises. This is about poignant tools, assets, and platforms to tackle the ‘Challenger Customer’.

Tackling the ‘Challenger Customer’

 B2B buyers are harder to reach than ever before.
In today’s B2B environment we must meet buyers at the intersection of their personal passions and professional interests.

B2B Commercial Teams Are Getting Less Time with Buyers While B2B Brand Grows in Importance

B2B buying groups are 57% through the purchase journey before they engage a potential supplier.
Organisations need to ultimately be in three places at the same time:

# of Stakeholders Involved in Enterprise Purchase Has Increased in Last Decade.

1. Close direct relationships with buying groups to shape projects from the start.
2. Enough brand awareness and trust to cut through the B2B clutter.
Point at which buying groups begin to engage suppliers.


3. Reputation & relationship with the C-Suite to get over the line.

Engage and Excel with Sports Partnerships

In the dynamic world of B2B sports partnerships, understanding and addressing the specific challenges faced by our customers is key to building successful relationships. Our insights reveal that B2B buying groups are typically 57% through their purchasing journey before they even engage with suppliers. This shows a clear need for strategic positioning to influence customer decisions early in their journey.

Key Customer Challenges

Early Engagement: Many B2B organizations struggle to engage with buying groups at the crucial early stages of project shaping. This lack of early interaction often leads to missed opportunities and misaligned expectations.

Brand Differentiation: In a crowded market, creating a distinct and trustworthy brand identity is crucial. Many firms find it difficult to stand out and make a memorable impact on potential customers.

C-Suite Connection: Establishing robust relationships with executive-level decision-makers is often challenging but essential for closing deals and fostering long-term partnerships.

Our Solutions

Direct Relationships: We prioritize forming close, direct relationships with buying groups from the outset. This proactive approach allows us to shape projects effectively and align our solutions with the specific needs of our clients.

Impactful Branding: Through strategic marketing and clear messaging, we elevate our brand’s presence, making it more recognizable and trusted in the B2B space. Our partnerships in the sports industry not only boost our visibility but also connect with clients on a personal level, combining their professional interests with personal passions.

Executive Engagement: We leverage our network and industry expertise to build and maintain strong connections with C-suite executives, ensuring that our proposals are not only heard but also respected and considered.

The Power of Sports in B2B

Utilizing sports as a platform for engagement, we connect with our customers beyond traditional business environments. Sports evoke passion and create a shared experience, offering a unique way to engage with clients and build lasting relationships. Whether it’s through event sponsorships, exclusive experiences, or impactful co-branding, sports serve as a powerful tool to captivate and connect with diverse audiences, including those hard-to-reach senior executives.

By focusing on these strategic areas, we are not just participating in the market; we are setting the pace and defining the future of B2B sports partnerships. Join us to transform your market approach and create more meaningful, impactful customer relationships.

B2B commercial engagement as we know it is dead!

If we continue to run the same plays in B2B, filling inboxes with unopened emails and throwing up banner ads, we are only contributing to a go-to market strategy that is noisy, flooded and at risk in its terms of its ability to make an impact.
We must instead take a page from consumer brands, going a level deeper and taking the time to think about how we can develop a meaningful relationship at the right level with our customers as people.
Carla Piñeyro Sublett
Former CMO, National Instruments

How We Do It

We tackle the most pressing strategic B2B enterprise challenges by leveraging the vast and exciting assets and tools across the largest global golf & motorsport platforms.

Enterprise Advisory

Enterprise Advisory

Consulting and advisory to brands to answer:

  • Which sporting assets best support and align to our key strategic initiatives?
  • How do we structure a partnership?
  • How do we value the assets? How we do we secure budget/sell it internally?
  • What should we expect to pay for a partnership and how do we negotiate to get the optimal value for money?
Activation Support

Activation Support

We can provide turnkey resources or supplement your existing team to get the most out of your partnership.

  • How do we create an integrated calendar of workstreams to get global impact?
  • How do we measure impact?
  • How do we get internal adoption?
  • How do we organise and get the most from the B2B partner eco-system within the team or championship?

Other Strategic Initiatives We Address

We think of various rights and assets across golf & motorsports as modular building blocks to support our clients’ strategic organisational initiatives. We tilt the size and quantity of the below into bespoke packages so that every dollar and resource is used as effectively as possible to achieve maximum return on investment.

Geographic &
New Market Penetration

Innovation Lab &
Technology Showcase

Engaging Social &
Digital Content

Pre-IPO Analyst &
Investor Engagement and Roadshow

Brand Awareness
& Affinity

Talent Attraction
& Employee Engagement

Product Launch
& Rollout

B2B C-Suite Engagement &
Commercial Pipeline Development



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