Wolfspeed represents more than 35 years of innovation and pushing the limits of what’s possible with relentless passion and ingenuity. Our wide bandgap Silicon Carbide devices enable faster, more efficient charging and increase the range of electric vehicles.

We’re already known for pushing the limits of what’s possible:  Wolfspeed’s Silicon Carbide semiconductors have been used in Jaguar TCS Racing Formula E team’s in-house developed powertrains since 2017. Earlier this year, Wolfspeed and Jaguar Land Rover announced a strategic partnership to supply Silicon Carbide semiconductors for next generation electric vehicles.

We are now expanding that relationship, as Wolfspeed becomes the Official Power Semiconductor Partner to Jaguar TCS Racing.

This creates an innovation lab on wheels, and in collaboration with Jaguar TCS Racing, we will take insights gained from the racetrack and deliver them to roads and motorways throughout the world. We can’t usher in a new era of energy efficiency without the support of others. Through our strategic partnership with Jaguar TCS Racing, we will continue to pioneer the electric driving experience and support an all-electric transportation future for all.

“Our Silicon Carbide semiconductor technology in the Jaguar I-TYPE 6 creates an ‘Innovation Lab on Wheels’ to engineer improved powertrain efficiency in a high-performance electric vehicle. Our collaboration with Jaguar TCS Racing in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship will support our shared goal of translating innovation from the race to the road and enable Wolfspeed to support Jaguar TCS Racing as the ultimate competitor on the track.”

– Jay Cameron, SVP and General Manager of Power

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